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We left Durnago around 0900 and arrived home around 1300. The drive was uneventful and the traffic was moderate. The road is pretty good until you get onto I 80 and the road deteriorates significantly. The drive is rather boring because you are in a desert called the San Joaquin Valley. This valley may be a desert but it grows a very large portion of this nations crops from fruits to grains and nuts (and some of them are also politicians, but that is another story). All with irrigated farms land.

After returning home we emptied the refrigerator and thawed it out completely. I have an appointment on the 9th to have the refrigerator fixed at Lodi RV Service in Lodi, California. I wanted the Service Manual for the refrigerator so I called the Whirlpool service desk and believe me when I say these people are the worst service group I have ever spoken to. They refuse to give you any information other than a local service tech for you to contact. I then decided to go online and by simply entering the model number of the refrigerator I got not only the service manual I also received a Service Bulletin that described the problem we are having to a "T" it also included the redesigned condensate tube, the tubes part number, and instructions on how to installed the new tube. I made sent copies of the five files to my service tech contact at Tiffin as well as my local service tech in Lodi.

It turns out this has been a problem with these Whirlpool refrigerators since 2012. I feel relatively confident that I could complete the repair myself except for the fact that you must remove the refrigerator from the cubbyhole in which it is located and then return it to that cubbyhole and secure it so that it will not work loose while you are driving 65 miles-per-hour on our extra smooth roads here in California. And that is no easy task.

This will be the last journal entry until September when we again head north. This time to Campbell River, located Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada and the Salmon Point RV Resort. We will be traveling with another couple and we will be spending one week fishing for Salmon. We will also be visiting a niece and nephew of Marge's that live in Campbell River.

That is all for now,

Ross & Marge

That is all for now,

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