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Pendarvis stone house 1830

Miners stone houses

Don q inn 737

Don q inn

Wisconsin river

We arrived in Spring Green yesterday, on the way up we took a wrong turn off Hwy 23 - missed the exit - wound up on a farm road that dead ended - had to unhook the Honda, turned around - re hooked and then got back on the highway. Thankfully it was the Honda and not the Tandem tow. The RV park is nice and on the Wisconsin River. There is no clear way to get through town and tree branches knocked the light on the top front around.

We are in the driftless region of Wisconsin, an area that was not covered by glaciers. It's very hilly and limestone rock is evident everywhere.

We drove to Mineral Point to learn about the lead mining that took place in this area in the early 1800's. Lead was close to the surface because the area wasn't buried by glacial action. Many of the miners who came in the mid 1800's were Cornish, from Cornwall, England, and they built stone homes or 2 room cabins and these were preserved at this site. We toured three homes that were reconstructed in the early 1900's. It was very hot and although these aren't air conditioned they were comfortable due to the thick stone walls. Two of the homes had log portions as well, those areas were not as cool. This area is called Pendarvis for the name of the house here and was called Shake Rag - a derogatory term for the miners.

We then went to a "scenic overlook" that was a good walk from the parking lot and was unremarkable - we could barely see the House on the Rock. We also stopped at the Don Q Inn in Dodgeville and toured the Boeing 737 that is located in front.

Last night we had a strong thunderstorm go through - the Eagle was rocking - glad we are heavy.

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