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Two freshly cooked spanner crabs. Our dinner...mmm!

North eastern NSW countryside with Mount Warning in the distance

Sunset on Kirra Beach, Coolangatta, QLD

Clive, Kim, Liz and Annette on pontoon puttering along the Gold Coast...

Ken on pontoon enjoying his morning tea

Luxury living on one of the many canals along the Gold Coast,...

How do you fancy this one?

Deception Bay (Moreton Bay National Park) QLD

I had ago at making some bedroom slippers

Our boy Alasdair is going through a pink phase (its for real!)

Hi Everyone

We've spent the last month going between Murwillumbah and the Gold Coast so that Paul and I could do the required number of range attendances to keep our shooters licences. The guys at the range we visited were very welcoming, so helpful and extremely encouraging. The range was only small and hidden away on farm land so we had to drive the motorhome down dirt tracks and across fields of cows with me jumping in and out to open and close the farmers gates to get to the range. We will miss our weekend meets.

During our last night camped in Murwillumbah showground we were serenaded to sleep by the lowing and soft mooing of cows. They had been brought to the showground ready for an auction the following day. We were woken to the fast talking voice of the auctioneer as the cattle went mooing under the hammer.

Our next camp was along side the Tweed River where Paul tried out his new crab pot by dropping it in the shallows amongst the mangroves that line the rivers bank. Sadly he had no luck snaring a crab but fortunately the fresh fish van was in town that day so we brought two spanner crabs for dinner....mmmmm!

Before we left the Gold Coast we spent our last days with our good friends Kim, Ken, Annette and Clive. Annette and Clive live on one of the many canals that flow through the Gold Coast and on the most perfect of days, one with a bright blue sky with just a hint of a breeze, the six of us went out on their pontoon. We spent the day puttering around the waterways admiring the beautiful waterside homes while the sun glinted and sparkled off the water. We stopped mid morning for tea and delicious cakes which were made by Annette and Ken (could be your new hobby Ken?) and once back on solid ground Clive cooked us the most tender, delicious steaks. A perfect end to a perfect day. Thanks guys.

The Gold Coast (from Southport in the north to Coolangatta in the south) is the 6th largest city in Australia and also the largest non-capitol city. The Gold Coast was originally known as the South Coast because it is situated south of Brisbane but very high prices in the area for real estate and other commodities and services during the 1950's gave it the nickname of 'Gold Coast' and the name stuck. In 1958 the Town of South Coast was official renamed Town of Gold Coast and was then proclaimed City of Gold Coast one year later.

Paul had a hankering to visit Queensland's main rifle ranges, situated in Brisbane's southern suburbs. We camped on the range for three days so every morning around 8am we were woken to the crack of gun fire. These target shooters are certainly early birds! Even with the early start Paul loved it. He spent the days with his head sandwiched between his ear muffs to block out the loud bangs of the bullets flying through the air at over a thousand feet a second while watching competitions and friendly shoots. He also took part in a couple of shoots but won no prizes this time.

I have just had a lovely walk in the soft sand along the shores of Deception Bay. I was hoping Paul would throw a line in and catch something for tea but he tells me it is too shallow so baked beans on toast it is!

We are off to see the Sunshine Coast this week.

Hope all is well.

Take care Liz and Paul x

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