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Dear Parents,

The children slept soundly and it was gone seven when they got up. After breakfast we packed up the camp and then played some team building games until the boat came to take us to Manukan.

When we arrived we had a tour of the island to assess the facilities. Later a lunch of finger food was provided by the restaurant.

Next we got the boat to STAR and checked into our rooms. The children were very excited to be sleeping in a bed again and some of them had been asking from the moment we woke up when we would be arriving at the hotel!

After some water fun we went back to our rooms to shower and dress for dinner. The bbq dinner was fabulous. We had our own private area on the beach and an array of delicious food including giant prawns, beef satay, snapper, squid, lamb chops, salad, vegetables and much more. The children ate and ate!

A little after dinner a surprise box of cupcakes was brought out to help us celebrate Joveena's birthday. We sang happy birthday and enjoyed our cupcakes and then we were treated to a traditional dance performance! Jovenna got to have a go on the blow pipe and even managed to pop a balloon and most of the children tried out the tricky bamboo dance.

We are now about to head to our rooms to get ready for bed. The children have all had a wonderful time but are looking forward to seeing their families again tomorrow.

Goodnight. See you soon. X

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