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A waterfall.

A walk up the rocks for a closer view.

Next stop Gauley Bridge. A town, not a structure.

Across the river from town.

Interesting A mobile home on a rock.

We found the right place.

View from the Vistors Center.

View from the vista.

Walkway and 178 steps down and UP for a better view.

From the lower vista. Not much different.

Here's a different view!

We decided to take a drive and find the New River Gorge Bridge. Looking at maps on our phone we found Gauley Bridge, that has to be it. No, it is a town on the river not a structure. It did have a bridge into town and a very nice waterfall. It was located on a large curve in the river and looked more like a lake. So the trip was not a loss.

With a little better research on our phones, we located the place we wanted to be. It turns out that where we turned off the main hwy. to get to where we were, was only 3 miles from the place we came to see. So we back tracked about 12 miles and drove to the park. The bridge was built in 1977 and turned a 40 min. drive into less than a minute, not unlike the bridge over the Colorado into Nevada. It is also the most photographed place in West Virginia. It also made the back of the WV Commemorative Quarter.

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