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View while driving through the mountains.

Mountains and more mountains.

And more.

A lot of uphill/downhill.

Hello West Virginia.

Pulled off for a rest.

Nothing was open. We discovered this was a flooded area.

And lots of destructuion.

You probably heard of the floods in WV. This was part of...

View getting out of some of the larger mtn's.

City campground.

On top of a hill. In case of rain.

We drove about 185 miles today through the Appalachian Mountains. The MH got a workout going up one steep climb after another and then back down. The scenery was awesome. While we were driving and looking for a rest stop about mid way. We were about to pull into a town when a sign came up for rest area ahead. We continued on to find the rest area closed. Stopping at the next exit, we figured out what happened. The first stop we were going to make was one of the hardest hit by the flooding as was the rest area. Where we pulled into everything was closed except for one gas station. Everything was closed off and destruction everywhere, so we went down the road and found a construction site to turn around and stop for a while. Wow what an experience!

We arrived in Beckley, WV. and wound our way to the municipal campground called Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine Campground. It has a large building that serves as a convention center and looks like mine operations building. They also have a replica of a small mining town. The campground is on a hill (steep driveway) behind the buildings. A nice place to be in a flood prone area.

While coming into town, we noticed a lot of trees down. Seems they had a nasty storm come through yesterday. Whew! On the bright side, the temperature is low 80's during the day and 60's at night. Windows open and no AC.

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