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Hi All,

Sounds like we prepping for afternoon high tea, but not really. Actually, today we travelled to the central region in Malaysia, the Cameron Highlands. The area is markedly different as the climate here tends to be cooler and the fresh water plentiful thus making for great agricultural activities. The main crop grown is tea. There are many plantations and we visited the largest grower the Boh tea company. The tea processing factory is surprisingly a very simple operation with only 5 steps: pick, crush, ferment, dry and sort. The whole process only takes a few hours as tea that is freshly picked is immediately processed.

Along the way to and from the plantations were many markets, which were teaming with all sorts of roses and orchids grown in the farms in the region. Tip for the guys here: If you ever come to Malaysia, you have no excuse not to buy flowers for your girl. They could not possibly be any cheaper to buy...2 doz of fresh, gorgeous roses for the paltry sum of 5 ringget (about $1.5 CDN) So needless to say we left with a beautiful arrangement for our hotel room. It will have to go next to the orchids we bought at the day before for 4 ringget! Crazy! As well, we visited one of the larger Orchid farms, Chris could have spent probably 2 days photographing all of the different species here!

And lastly, the strawberries...yumm. It was nice to taste something that reminded us of home...and the chocolate coating didn't hurt either ;)

One of the last activities for this long day was a trek into yet another forest. It was a very different type of flora and fauna. We were on the lookout for some of the hundreds of unique bug species that inhabit this unique ecozone, but only came across one. I think we were all preoccupied with the lookout for the green viper! Luckily no sightings! Chris was happy but not Troy. It was a great day that we shared with yet another new friend. Mohammed is from Saudi Arabia and on vacation here in Malaysia. We all a fantastic day enjoying the cooler temps.

Smelling the roses,

Chris and Troy :)

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