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Myrtle Creek

July 3, 2016, Sunday

My Trip Journal: Postcard 8

Today’s itinerary included a bike ride along the Myrtle Creek. The trail head was only a few miles from camp and the bike trail itself was about 19 miles. Riding nineteen miles wasn’t our goal; we would leisurely ride as far as we wanted and then return. First of all, the small parking lot was packed as it was also the area people used to launch boats. Our ride immediately started uphill, so we all had to walk our bikes up, cross over a bridge under construction-that was only one lane wide, controlled by a light-and then ride on a; according to Alan, small side road without much traffic. Because of the traffic light on the one way section of the road, cars lined up going one way and then when the light changed, the cars coming in the other direction passed. The road changed to gravel in some parts and there was a slight incline a good portion of the way, so you really had to work to get up it. When cars passed, there was barely room for them to get past each other, never mind having to deal with four cyclists who were also on the road. The cars came in spurts with the change of the light and after a while, Maureen and I were done.

We left the boys to go on ahead and planned to meet them in a turn out we saw along the route that had a picnic table. There were a few houses nearby the rest area that we thought was public. Evidently, the two dogs that were running loose felt differently. It was clearly their property and they were not going to allow us to stop or picnic anywhere near them. So, off we rode, slowly and cautiously back to our starting point to wait for the boys to come back. When they arrived, we walked down a trail to the river/beach area only to find there wasn’t any place to sit since it was all rocks and gravel. Off we went back up the hill to a fallen Redwood, where we sat to have lunch. The view was pretty.

Back to the campsite. It’s Italian dining tonight; chicken cacciatore for us pasta for the Moore’s, and a nice bottle of red wine and a movie.

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