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The Conastoga River. It has a mile long park along it. Very...

Amish Sunday meeting. Caught this while cruising the country.

Some of thier buggies.

And some of the horses they had there.

The Square in downtown Lancaster, PA.

Stopped at a Goodwill. This was next door. You need gloves to...

This was in the parking lot.

Watch for buggies on the road.

This is a wide street, buggy lane. Can they drive in the...

Got them going both directions.

An Amish farm home.

The Dairy.

This was on the entrance door to the dairy.

The Milking Parlor. Sterlized.

This guy was all over the farm until he found this bumper...

A few of the herd.

These two were having a moment.

Did you see the movie Witness? This store was in it.

The phone booth in front of the store. Is that Harrison Ford...

A blugrass jam session at the campgrounds.

We took a drive into the outskirts of Lancaster. We picked the town of Conestoga to head for. Beautiful countryside and farms.

We visited the river park and drove into town. Not much going on in town. It was Sunday and most things were closed, even the restaurants. We happened to drive past an Amish home that was having Church Sevices. They gather once a month at one of the homes. Each member takes a turn hosting the service. The children play while the service is going on. They use benches...with the women on one side and the men on the other. They set according to age or married status. They keep a large room in their home for this purpose.

We ended up back in downtown Lancaster and had lunch at a diner. We made a stop at a Goodwill. No real reason...just because it was there. The door next door to Goodwill had a sign that said "Outlet". We walked over and what a mess!! There were large bens of dirty junk. I wouldn't touch anything. One man walked in and put on gloves. Not sure what that was all about but they were busy and people were digging away.


It's a rainy day. There is a break in the weather and forecast is for it to start back up late afternoon and through the night. We drove out to Lapp Valley Farm. It is an active working farm that you can walk around. They request that you are dressed appropriately and don't take pictures of the Amish. The home and grounds are beautifully kept. They have a dairy with milk, butter and ice cream. So for lunch we had a ice cream cone. Yummy! Made with fresh cream. Many of the attractions in town feature their ice cream. This particular Amish farm could not be bought for less than 4 million.

By the time we were back to the motorhome it was pouring. It rained for hours. We did not go out in the rain to find fireworks. We had the New York version on TV.

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