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Morning view

Quad Biking 1

Quad Biking 2

Go Connor

Thermal Pools

What a difference a nights sleep makes. We were in bed at 5.45 last night...Yes - that is correct. It was already pitch black here, so off to sleep we went...

No-one stirred until 7.45 this morning.

We woke to a view of snow capped mountains...We found out later in the day there was predictions of possible snow in town overnight, but that didn’t eventuate, so we will have to settle for the view instead.

It was very foggy & cold this morning, but no rain.

We headed into town for our Quad Biking Adventure. Met our quide Gary at the shop & headed out of town about 5 minutes to the farm. Came across a small New Zealand Traffic Jam on the way (sheep being moved from paddock to paddock, but along the road...)

After getting kitted out in our protective gear we jumped on the bikes for the run down. I love travelling in low seasons, as we were the only ones on the tour...The first part of the tour is along a pretty flat part of land, just to make sure everyone is comfortable with how the bikes work. Connor was quite excited to be able to drive the bikes (Unfortunately Liam wasn’t quite old enough, so he go to sit on the back of Gary’s bike) Connor did really well, so off we set.

Straight into it, within about 2 minutes we had gone through several puddles (not small puddles either...) The track gets progressively harder along the way. We started off on the flats & going aroung the bottom of the valley floor, few up’s & down’s, puddles & a few tighter corners, then we started on the hills. Then first one was about 30m & reasonable steep. Again Connor handled it fantastically, you would have thought he had been Quad Biking for ages. We went up the top of the hill, checked out the view. Pretty amazing from up there & the fog was starting to lift, although there was still lots around. Then we needed to head down. It seemed pretty daunting, but wasn’t too bad...

After this we did a few more hills. These were longer, but not as steep. There were lots of places that we were able to give the bikes a bit of stick...If you know what i mean...At one stage Mike even said to something along those lines...What does he think he is the only one that is able to have some fun...Connor also managed to get the bike sideways going through a water crossing at one stage...Go Son...

We had a lot of fun on this tour, even though mine & Connor’s feet were freezing. They were so cold I don’t think I could feel my feet by the end...

Just before the tour finished we were able to go & ‘have some fun” We went back through the water crossing we did at the start, but this time we gave the bikes lots of stick!!!!We all had water up over our heads...As you can see by the photo’s...I felt a bit sorry for Liam this morning, as he didn’t get to have as much fun as us, (but I am sure there are things we will do on this holiday that will be more based around what he wants to do.)

Lunchtime, so we HAD to head to the Bakery...That is what you do when you are on holidays isn’t it???

Then it was time to warm up at the Thermal Pools. We started in the Sulphur Pool at a temperature of 42 degrees...The boys took a while to get in as it was TOO WARM for them...Mike decided that was as far as he was heading, so he sat in there the whole time...Connor, Liam & I headed to the Rock Pool (35 degrees) for a bit, then the boys wanted to go in the lazy river. This was a very cool 28 degrees...Absolutely Freezing...So 1 lap, then I was back in the Sulphur Pool at 42c...

Back at the caravan park we had a nice quiet afternoon in our campervan, playing card games & Ipods...with a couple of drinks of course...

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