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It's been a long day

Our home

Well, after a very long day, we have finally started our holiday in New Zealand.

We flew out of Perth at 5.00 last night & must have been on the Ferarri of airplanes, as the flight only took 2hr 45min...Had very strong tail winds to say the least...

This made our stopover in Melbourne a bit more relaxed, as we had a very tight schedule to make our connecting flight to Christchurch. Ended up having over 2hours, so that was nice. Got a bite to eat before boarding our Jetstar flight to Christchurch. The flight was only 3 hours & wasn't too bad a flight, but none of us got much sleep.

Arrived in Christchurch on schedule at 5.30am (1.30am Perth time)

Now came the painful part of the day. We could not pick up our campervan until 8.30, so this meant a 3 hour wait in the airport. We got something to eat for breakfast & then did what most people do while waiting around airports...Stretched out on some comfy couches to rest & waste the time away...while the boys played on their Ipods!!!

Finally, we got picked up & headed back to the Wilderness Office to collect our campervan. Boring stuff, paperwork, demo of how things work & an inspection of the van before we were able to unpack & start on our way.

Brief stop to do a quick food shop. This was an eye opener...$18 per kg for plain old sausages...I don't think so...So we got some Porterhouse Steak for $22 per kg!!! Overall we were very surprised at how expensive the food was.

By 11.00 we were on the road to Hanmer Springs...Yes Mike wanted to get on the road straight away & said he was fine to drive. Christchurch to Hanmer Springs is quite a leisurely comfortable 1.5 hour drive. Connor & Liam have coped extremely well with the lack of sleep, but did both have a few minutes nap on the drive. Lucky them.

The weather is fresh. When we were landing the pilot told us it was 1 degree, but there is no wind, so it is not too bad. We have had a little bit of drizzle rain on the drive, but again nothing that we were not expecting.

Once we arrived in Hanmer Springs we went straight to "town" (all 1 street of town) & booked to go Quad Biking tomorrow morning. Connor is very keen to do this, as he is able to drive the Quad Bike himself (have to be 12 years, where all the other Quad Biking tours you have to be 16 to drive)

While booking the tour the girl told us to purchase the Entertainment Book. I had looked into purchasing a book before we left, but instead of 1 book for the South Island, there are 4 or 5 Entertainment Books for the different areas & regions, so I decided against purchasing any. Well, today we purchased the book for the West Coast Region for $65 & saved ourselves over $130 just on the Quad Biking tour we were booking. Bargin if you ask me...

About 2.30 we finally checked into the Pines Holiday Park for the next 2 nights & got settled. It is very quiet here. Another campervan has just rocked up, otherwise we would have had the place to ourselves.

Hanmer Springs is a beautiful little town, with hills right at the back end of town. This afternoon has been overcast & the clouds are down below the height of the hills. I now remember why I love the scenery so much in New Zealand.

We have had a very chilled afternoon & given the lack of sleep by everyone it is going to be an extremely early night tonight.

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