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Would look better if it didn't rain!




We thought it was June! We had two days of rain. We did sort out our route out not returning via the 13% hill and explored the local shops and found the local tourist information centre. We found two interesting museums in Clairvaux-les-Lacs.

One was the Museum des Marquette’s a nourrir et courir le monde. Marcel Yerly a local farmer created throughout his life over 100 scale model machines of all sorts, handmade in wood some up to 3 metres in length. The details of the models of cars, farm equipment and American locomotives were amazing and all worked.

The second museum was on the archaeological findings relating to the first settlers and farmers who built their villages on stilts on the banks of Lac de Chalain and Lac de Clairvaux from 4,000BC to 1,000BC. The fresh water of the lakes conserved the remains in good condition so the discoveries were extensive.

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