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Our last pictures of our Sugar.

With her buddy.

Monday 27th.

We had a tough morning. We got up and got ready, so we could get Sugar into the nearest Veterinarian Hospital, which opened at 9:30.

Sugar at 17 (her birthday was the 25th), almost blind and could not hear, we decided to have her put down. Although when we left home, we felt she may not make it back with us, it still was not an easy thing to do. She was a great friend and traveler.

Tuesday 28th.

We got Ava packed and took her to the airport. We got there about 11:30 for a flight that departs at 3:50. Not knowing the airport and being told to prepare for long security lines, as well as having an unescorted child at the gate 45 minutes before boarding. Well Philadelphia's airport is a breeze compared to Sky Harbor. The security check took a whole 15 min.

So we had some time to kill and decided on some lunch. Since she was leaving we gave Ava the choice. She opted for Orange Chicken and Rice. The rest of the time we did what you can do best at airports, watch people.

Wednesday 29th

Today was a take naps and read day. Marley seems a little depressed with no Ava or Sugar around. For that matter we all do.

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