John and Janet 2016 Utah travel blog

The Cabin

The Cabin

Side By Side

Side By Side

1st Stop

Old Cemetery

Old Cemetery Markers

Old Cemetery Markers

Just Passing Through

What's That Ahead?

Doesn't Stop Us

Rough Terrain

West Virginia Mountains

West Virginia Cactus

West Virginia

John Takes Over

Bear Tracks

Hang On

Justin Hunts Here

More Mud

No Problem

Great Time!

Unfortunately, the river is high. There is no fishing. Everyone sleeps in.

Justin takes us on a morning ride that follows the river. John takes the videos.

Later John and the family go up the mountain to do some shooting. I stay back looking at our routes home. John and I will have to make a decision. We are on the east coast. There is no good route.

After lunch, we take another ride up the mountain in the “side by side.” We search for bears and snakes. We find bear tracks. It is a great ride over rugged terrain.

The family returns to Morgantown. Justin, John and I go out to dinner in Wardensville. It is wonderful! Yes, we all have desert. It is our next to the last night on the road.

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