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June 27, 2016

Road Trip Journal: Monday Postcard 2

We had a leisurely morning at Spring Lake since our next destination was about a 3-4 hour drive. Side Note: I had planned on making steel cut oatmeal for breakfast but the night before Alan told me to bring the oats and water to a boil, shut it off and let it sit overnight. It will be perfect in the morning. Yes, I was skeptical, but it was great. Nutty and not mushy or overcooked. You learn something new everyday.

We arrived at Ancient Redwoods RV Park in Redcrest, CA about 4:00pm. Again, the girls left ahead of us yet arrived only 15min. before us. Coffee stops and shopping maybe?

We passed spectacular scenery during this leg of the trip. Again, there were miles of wineries and vineyard along the way and once we got further north, you could see a change in the landscape. Taylor and Ashley stopped at a spot where you could drive through a giant redwood, but with their bikes on the back of the car they couldn't get through. The giant redwoods are magnificent to say the least. Words can hardly describe the sense of wonder and awe driving through the roads in this area. You have to know that there is something much bigger than us in the universe.

The park was small but a nice surprise in the middle of the forest. There are Redwoods surrounding the perimeter of our campsite. Set up seemed to go smooth until it was time for me to get dinner started. No Water! Of course Steve thought I was kidding, then there was chaos and lots of panic. The hooks up for water were fine outside, but nothing was coming into the trailer. All I am thinking is that we will not make it 4 days here without water. Well, after Steve and Alan did some consulting, fiddled around outside and yelled to me every 2 minutes," Is the water on yet" , things got tense. Finally after 20 minutes they found that a check valve (which I'm not sure does what)was faulty. They did manage to fix it, so all is good now.

Much to my surprise, Steve bought a satellite antenna before we left. I insisted he return it, but of course he said he bought it for me so I wouldn't miss my TV shows. Well, Taylor and Ashley were thrilled because now they wouldn't miss tonight's episode of the Bachelorette. So, the six of us sat in our trailer drinking tea and commenting on who we liked, who we didn't and which guys we thought would last. Taylor and Asheley have pool on who will be left standing.

Tomorrow we will tour the area and do some exploring.

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