John and Janet 2016 Utah travel blog

Another State

Isn't That Our Trailer?

Back In West Virginia

Arrival At The Cabin


Working On The Canoe


At The Cabin

The River




All Ashore

Short Trip


It’s a full day. The plan is for Justin to take our trailer over the mountains. We do not have the correct connection for the trailer lights. We take the trailer.

We get on the interstate for the first hour. It is work but we are fine. We have traveled this route before.

We get off the interstate and make a Walmart stop. Justin convinces us to hand over the trailer. We will be behind him as we go cross-country.

In another hour, we arrive at the cabin. We could have pulled the trailer but it is an easier ride without it. After all, we are in West Virginia! It is hilly.

We all relax for a while. Justin works on his canoe. There are storms all around us but we only get one rain shower. There has been much flooding in West Virginia. It is to the south of us.

John and Justin take the canoe for a test ride. They are both tired but they want to try it out. The trip is a short one as the skies again darken.

After an early dinner, we are ready for bed!

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