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Congress Hall. Phil. County Court house served as the US Capital.

Congress Chamber.

Meeting room.

Senate Chambers.

Senate Secretary's office.

One of many one-way streets in Philly.

Second Bank of the United States.

Carpenters Hall.


Inside where all the planning took place.

Secretary sat logging every word,

A tavern from 1707, still doing business today.

Wiliam Penn Statue on what was his property.

Not a very exciting display, but it tells the story.

A portrait of George W. in the portraits hall. There were hundreds...

Of course Libery Hall. Tours of it were booked up before 9:00AM.

On the way home we cruised by the Eagles, 76er's and the...

Bear with us, our WIFI is still touch and go. We will get all these pictures in order at some time.

Well it seems our own WIFI has caught a signal.

We headed downtown Philadelphia for a little sightseeing. It being Sunday, we figured no traffic, Not so! Even with that we got downtown by 9:30 or so and parked in the Liberty Visitors Center garage. We found out that tours of Liberty Hall were already full for the day, but were able to get in and see the rest of the sites.

Ava was given a Park Ranger application book that required gathering information as you went through the sites. Grandma and Grampa helped a little. She did well and received her badge and was sworn in.

It was fun and we had never been here before, so it was exciting for us as well. When we left we took the Southern route back, so we could go past the airport for reference on Tuesday. Ava flies out for home. We also passed by the stadiums of the Phillies, 76er's and the Eagles.

Sad news is we got back to the MH and Sugar did not greet us at the door. She had a stroke or something and could not use her back half. Since it was Sunday evening and no Vets answered their phones, we made her comfortable and she had a little to eat and drink until tomorrow.

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