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Lake Proserpine

Our lunchtime view at Hydeaway Bay

Gloucester Island from Hydeaway Bay

Dingo Beach

Saturday 25 June

Bit of a breeze sprang up overnight but still woke to crisp morning with no need other than a sheet on the bed! Eat your heart out you southerners!

Decided to go for a drive today so after a bit of washing and morning tea we took off.

A perfect day for a drive, not a cloud in the sky, and all the lakes and beaches provided all the amazing blue and aqua colors that one could just sit and watch all day!

Headed to Proserpine and then had a very pleasant drive out to Proserpine Lake & the Peter Faust Dam. Lovely spot with very few people and very good amenities. Probably due to the fact that no camping is allowed!

We then headed to Cape Gloucester/Hydeaway Bay and enjoyed lunch at the Eco Resort. What a beautiful place!

It's a dirt road for the last couple of kms but it's in very good condition.

After the cape we went into Dingo Beach and enjoyed an ice cream on the waterfront. At the local store Don asked after a former work colleague who used to have a place there and retired to live there. It appeared he was still living there and Don tried to ring him but there was no answer. Left a message, so we'll see if anything further develops.

When we got back to Airlie we fueled up, went for a drive to Shute Harbour and then put the car through a car wash! The latter being much needed!!

Just finished a drink and some nibbles as the sun sets! The evening has cooled considerably but still no need for a jumper!

Guess it tucker time!

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