John and Janet 2016 Utah travel blog

No Rain!


Republic Newspaper

City Hall

Entering Kentucky

Ohio River



Interstate Sign To Blanchester!

We have breakfast in Columbus before leaving town. We pass several of the buildings that I missed yesterday. Perfect! And, it’s not raining.

We head south to Route 50. For a time we are on the Route 46 detour. Boy, does that bring back bad memories.

Route 50 is a good route. We use the interstate to circle around Cincinnati. We cross the Ohio River and are in Kentucky for a while. Before leaving the Cincinnati bypass we cross the Ohio River again and are in Ohio.

We arrive at my friend Alice’s by early afternoon. We spend time visiting. John videos a hummingbird. John and I take a rest break before dinner.

Alice drives us to Wilmington for Pizza. A major storm with strong winds came through this area yesterday. We see a lot of trees and limbs down. Many people are still without electricity. Fortunately, Blanchester is okay.

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