John and Janet 2016 Utah travel blog

It's Raining

Neat Bridge Into Town

Perfectly Aligned


For Rent

Columbus Indiana

One Of Many Churches

Round and Square

Square Side

Statue Near Park

Covered Bridge In Park

Perfect Circle Pond

Perfect Circle Pond



Leaving Town

In the morning there are thunderstorms. We are expecting this. Around 9:30 there is a break. We head into town for breakfast. It is still raining.

After breakfast, we go to the visitor center. I guess the best way to see the city is to walk it. We are not walking in the rain. We probably would not walk it in clear weather.

We drive around the city in the RV. I get some pictures but it is raining most of the time.

I admit that I did not plan a route ahead of time. There are a lot of one-ways and little parking. We do the best we can and then head back to the campground.

Tomorrow, we head into Ohio.

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