Where in the world are Wayne and Donna off to travel blog

not much room for my big feet!

nothing to it.......just don't look down!

top of Strawberry Lane with the horses in hot pursuit....

Tenby harbour at dusk - the photo doesn't do this place justice

I was out early this morning to catch some rugby at the local rugby clubhouse which is actually a pub in town centre. This is Wayne talking now just in case you thought maybe Donna was up EARLY to catch some rugby - NOT!!!

Wales vs New Zealand was on a huge tv screen watched by me and a hundred of my new best buddies of all ages. It was fun to experience as an old gal behind me was yelling advice all game long and many others were "helping" the ref on every call. Of course the beer was flowing although a few of us wusses stuck to coffee as it was only 8:30AM!!! I took off at half as Wales scored to tie things up and spirits were high. It was a game Wales was destined to lose though and I didn't want to be around when the wheels fell off - that old gal might get physical!!!

We had decided to hike south on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path today so we geared up and started down the beach. The beachwalk is part of the path at low tide and they have an alternative inland for hikers when the tide is in. Fortunately for us the tide was out so we got the best path for this section. Once we got to the end of the bay about an hour later we climbed the headland which offered another spectacular view across the bay, the peninsula and out to Caldey Island. The island "is one of Britain's holy islands. The Cistercian monks of Caldey continue a tradition which began there in Celtic times. More than a thousand years of prayer and quiet living have made this remote and beautiful island a haven of tranquillity and peace." Tourist literature makes everything sound heavenly doesn't it? There are about 40 monks living on the island and they farm, raise dairy cattle & worship at the monastery & abbey. From the top of the headland we could see 2 beautiful sand beaches and a few trails on the island.

A bit further along in our hike a rather large fellow in camouflage gear informed us and another pair of hikers that the trail was closed as the army was shooting live ammo at a nearby range. The army??? - in Tenby??? Who knew??? Anyway the ladies told us there was a short trail up through the nearby village - a great trail. Okay we'll bite. Heading down along the peninsula we got to Penally and took off climbing steadily for 30 minutes only to discover our trail led us across a farmer's field. That's it! No "great trail", no "wonderful spot" - just a farmer's field!!! Plus as we approached the end of the road 9 horses (BIG horses) came burning up (on the other side of a wire fence thankfully). I guess they were looking for a snack but they started snorting and stamping when we didn't come up with anything. That pretty much ended the hike as neither of us were interested in trying to horse whisper them!!!

After a hasty retreat we ended up back in Tenby wandering the wonderful little streets. In the main square we came upon a wedding about to start and people were lining the street waiting for the bride to arrive. Several times you could hear comments - "another one bites the dust", "not to late to change your mind, mate" - mostly from males as they made their way towards the nearest pub. It seems that these 40-something, balding, round fellows felt that marriage was holding them back from their true calling - Stud of the Year. Dream on....mate!!! One fellow passing us called back to his wife "come on, you've seen this all before, you've been married four times". His wife looked at me as she went by and said "don't believe him, I wouldn't be that daft!"

Finally three decorated cars arrived and out stepped 6 beautiful bridemaids in very fancy pink dresses and matching shoes. By now they had chimed the cathedral bells 5 different times for about 5 minutes each time announcing this joyous occasions........and still no bride. All of a sudden a round glass carriage pulled by 2 white horses with pink feather plumes and horsemen dressed in tuxedo's trotted up and a beautiful bride and her Dad stepped out. What an entrance. It was a Cinderella moment - with a Cinderella carriage, Cinderella horses and Cinderella beauty! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For our last night in town it seemed fitting to finish off with dinner at The Buccaneer, a very popular pub. It was very, very busy so we shared a table with a nice couple from Isle of Man. The lady was very interested in the concept of home exchanges and was peppering Donna with questions and asking about websites. People here initially seem extremely guarded but once you get them talking it is full ahead and you end up chatting for a long time with total strangers.

One more pass through town for potential sunset photos in some of our favorite spots.

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