Where in the world are Wayne and Donna off to travel blog

our misty hike gave some interesting views

this is just a sample of the varied coastline

Saundersfoot from the trail

the last and longest of the 3 tunnels - pretty neat trail...

Amroth is a lovely little seaside town

Pembrokeshire Coast Path trailhead

what a place to spend an afternoon in the sunshine!

Hiking boots day today. The Wales Coastal Path is a long-distance "footpath" that follows the coastline of Wales - an 870 mile route. Each section of the trail has a local name and in the Tenby area the path is called The Pembrokeshire Coast Path which runs along the coast for 186 miles. Initially we had hoped to hike this whole section when we left Prestatyn but realized we wouldn't even come close to finishing it so opted to hang out by the beach in Tenby instead. TODAY we are donning our boots once again and heading north out of Tenby to see what this trail had to offer. It wound over hills with every rise (of which there were a few......steeps rises!) offering views back towards Tenby. Following the coast we were never far from the sea and the wonderful vistas of cliffs & pocket beaches & shoreline. The day started off drizzling so the distant views were obscured by fog and we couldn't tell the sea from the sky. But before long we had doffed our jackets & umbrellas and as the day brightened we were down to t-shirts & shorts again.

Eventually we came out to Saundersfoot,a place we had considered staying. Our travel angels were looking out for us when we made our accommodation decision as it turns out Tenby was a much nicer choice. Nothing bad about Saundersfoot but nothing really all that good either. We followed High Street out of town as Donna had decided she wanted to make Amroth, which is the trailhead for the Pembrokeshire Coast Path section of the Wales Coastal Path. An old rail bed forms the trail out of Saundersfoot which included 3 separate tunnels as we traveled through the cliffs (rather than over them - YEAH!!!). Once through all three tunnels we continued along on a beautiful seawall at waters edge (similar to the Westsong Walkway aka Songhees Walkway in Victoria) finally coming out at Wisemann Bridge. Again nothing tooooo spectacular about Wisemann Bridge except it boasts a pub with a spectacular setting, a monstrous seating area with dozens of tables all in the sun and a fantastic ocean view. I suspect it is very busy in summer and Donna had to divert Wayne's attention away from the lure of the hop in order to keep the lad on task!!! With some difficulty we passed by as Donna ignored Wayne's whining and led us uphill.......and then finally down into Amroth, a picture postcard village set beside a long sandy beach with a sea wall the length of town. So in retrospect Donna was right to......encourage Wayne to keep going past the pub as this little piece of heaven was worth the climb up and then down! Town is only about 3 blocks long but by now the sun was shining so we walked the seawall which ended at the Pembrokehire Coast Path end marker.

We chatted to fellow hikers and learned it is common for folks to hike a week or so of a chosen section of the Wales Coastal Path then return to complete another section over a number of visits. Most towns are served by bus or train so it is easy to bug out at almost any town. What a great idea, a great way to see the countryside and a great, great path!

Our bus didn't arrive for a couple of hours so we were forced to eat ice cream and drink coffee to pass the time while perched in the sun on a seaside patio. Amroth is VERY easy to take!

Supper time we decided to test the best fish and chip place in town (of the dozens operating) and it didn't disappoint. Not much green in this menu and virtually everything is served with fries - very tasty but maybe not the healthiest meal ever! More wandering after supper as we can't get enough of the views.

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