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Mt. Vernon.

A very large poplar tree. Had no idea ehet got this big.

One of the many gardens on the property.

The entry circle.

The Potomic River in the front/back yard.

The horse barn, tool shed, smoke house and the property managers house.

View of the river side. Excuse the fingers.

Some old sports cars.

Another of the gardens.

Typical of the walls around each garden.


Ava with a statue of the man.

Heading into DC., just before the rain hit us.

Another state.

We are headed to DC. The closest RV park to DC is in College Park, MD. We decided to make a stop at Mt. Vernon to visit Washington's home. Mt. Vernon is about 35 miles from the RV park. We spent a couple hours touring the grounds and having lunch.

If you have ever had the experience of driving in DC you will know what a nightmare traffic is. Our commute wasn't an exception. Besides the heavy confusing traffic we drove through a thunderstorm and a large downpour. A little tension but Larry pull through it like a champion.

The park is large and very busy. They have everything on site. We attended an orientation on all the options of touring DC. You can catch many of the tours from our RV park.

We are only here for 3 nights. We plan on taking the subway into the Mall to visit the main monuments. Ava's request is to see Lincoln's chair.

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