Where in the world are Wayne and Donna off to travel blog

wonderful garden sitting area along the clifftop walk

happy hour here was absolutely gorgeous

need a dock - have dock will travel......

tides heading out - time to play!!!

Catherine Island - built by the Normans, was once a zoo, now...

badnstand on the site of the ancient pavilion where fashionable society hung...

wildflowers add to the softness of this archway through to the sea

Tenby has won gold awards ffrom National Botanic Gardens of Wales

lots of flowers along the seawall making this spot sooooo nice

North Beach - one of the three amazing beaches at Tenby

We hopped up for brecky at our B & B, which was served from 8:15am to 9am (a tad early don't you think?). Hit the streets with Donna snapping photo after photo as the buildings in Tenby and the seaside setting was absolutely beautiful. The fellow who led us to our hotel the night before was painting a condo just down from our hotel. As we walked by his co-worker asked if we were "the Canadians" and called James to let him know we were there. We thanked him again and had a nice chat with he and his partner before striking out to see the town.

Tenby is delightful with many classy shops sprinkled between an unbelievable number of funky cafes and pubs all of them seeming to be busy with customers. Doesn't anyone cook at home in this country? Winding streets leading to waterside views along the main promenade provide a spectacular vista in every direction.

Wayne had been advised the The Bush was the best pub to watch the Wales vs. England football game on TV. Armed with this information Wayne announced that all sightseeing (for him) was going to cease at 2pm. True to his word at 2pm he hustled to the pub while Donna positioned herself on a bench high above the beach with book in hand ready to soak up some rays. Everybody's happy!

Heartbreak in the pub as all the excitement of a Wales halftime lead turned as England tied it midway through the second half and the huge crowd was silent when England scored in the final minute. It had been a fun afternoon until that moment and it suddenly felt like you were at a funeral. No high fives and hugs happening now!

Finding Donna just as I left her we strolled towards our little 10 room hotel when we heard yelling and shouting coming from behind a hedge. We peeked in through the gate to see what all the commotion was about and saw a bunch of men lawn bowling. This was not the staid game we watched Donna's folks play as these guys were roaring "hurry" to the bowl as it approached the jack more enthusiastically than Russ Howard at the Brier (curling fans will know of what we speak!) Then after the shot the bowler would sprint towards the other end, yelling as he charged, and teammates would rush out to deliver enthusiastic high fives on almost every shot. It was a hoot to watch as sometimes these husky guys came perilously close to colliding (read accidentally belly bumping, which could have been fatal!) as they celebrated. After one particularly well received shot by a skip he ran to where his teammates were cheering and exclaimed "Bloody brilliant, that shot of mine!!" in a voice loud enough to be heard in England! Nothing shy and reserved about this fellow. I am not sure if this is the usual Welsh way of playing but it certainly made things fun to watch......and apparently to play (for that guy anyway - "man am I good")!!!!

A late supper of pizza then another stroll for potential sunset shots. What a town.

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