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Jamestown monument.


And the date.

John Smith.

Model of the fort.


The foundation of the first church in the colonies.

The 4th church built in Jamestown. They kept burning down.

The inside of the church. Bad pictures, I know.

Riding the bus to Jamestown settlement. A reconstruction of the above pictures.

Wheres the tv.

She fits in the door of these indian homes..

Learning to tan hides.

How to build a boat.


Replica of the ships they came over on.

Even has a balcony.

Captains quarters.

The other 69 people slept here for 4 months.

Look down in the cargo hold (with finger, sorry).

The route they took.

Buildings built by the settlers.

A house guest.

Reverend Ava.

Blacks point at the east end of Jamestown Island.

Today we went to the 1st settlement in the U.S., Jamestown, VA.

We went to the reconstructed settlement as well as the original site. We were expecting something similar to Williamsburg, but were surprise. Both places were done to give you the feel of the times. It was as if visiting it 300 years ago. It made history fun.

We would recommend seeing this. Ava even got involved in some of the things.

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