Where in the world are Wayne and Donna off to travel blog

moon rising over Catherine Island

what a beautiful night for a stroll

these beautiful buildings along the cliff are stunning from the beach too

Tenby beach right by our hotel & the trail to the Pembrokeshire...

we loved the twisting laneways, this one especially, because of the pretty...

High Street - the centre of town right by the huge church

another photo of beautiful Tenby buildings

Tenby is full of wonderful nooks & crannies - LOVED IT!!!

location, location, location - beautiful ladies on the cliff

14 June

Tuesday was clean up day, laundry day and taking one last long wander through Prestatyn day. The Fearnley's were returning on Thursday so we wanted everything ready for their arrival back home.

15 June

We met John & Sue and had a very nice visit before making our last walk through Prestatyn to board the train at 3pm. By 9:45pm we were in Tenby after a pleasant journey down the entire length of Wales. A small glitch when we discovered neither of us had written down the address of our Tenby hotel - big OOOOPPPS! You would think we were novice travelers. Tough to find out where you are suppose to go when you don't know where you are suppose to go! Wayne had a foggy recollection of looking at the hotel on google maps but it soon became apparent someone had moved the hotel!!! We asked a fellow walking his dog if he knew the place but he said sorry he didn't. Little did we know Tenby is jammed with small hotels, most of which don't have signage. Fortunately for us this fellow suggested we follow him down the block to his townhouse and he would look it up online for us. When we got there his roommate knew our hotel and nothing would do but him walking us to the hotel door, which was a couple of blocks over. What a kind gesture to total strangers and he didn't even say "What kind of idiot arrives not knowing his hotel address?" - out loud anyway!!! We thanked him profusely and dropped our bags in our room and went back out to have a look around this place.

It was amazing with a huge beach and many old hotels along the bank overlooking the sea. Within minutes we discovered the city wall and entered old town with its twisty narrow streets. For the second time in our short stay in Tenby we were lost again! This time we at least had the sea to follow around until we got back to our hotel. Little did we know that the Tenby is on a very narrow peninsula so there is sea on both sides. Someone was looking over us as we meandered around until we stumbled upon our hotel, tired from a long day. However this place looks great. We can't wait to explore it all - in the daylight!

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