Where in the world are Wayne and Donna off to travel blog

beautiful building in this little town

the retail "strip" at the top of town - all 3 businesses!

cool supsension bridge - going nowhere!

beginning of the hike was over this boardwalk - pretty nice hiking!

kissing gates (this one by the river) allows public access on private...

the last decent section on these flat stones - got WAY worse...

entrance into the train station was very well done....

emptying into this lovely platform area

Watching Euro Cup (soccer) in a pub in Wales (Wales vs Slovenia) - WOW!!! What an experience as the place was absolutely jammed with young guys, with a few of my vintage sprinkled in. These guys were vocal and when Wales scored the roof nearly came off! I was getting hugged and high fives by strangers like I was a long lost family member returned from the dead! What a fun experience. Then........Slovenia tied and the place went silent (as in tomb...for that dead relative!). Eventually Wales got the winner which sent the crowd into a frenzy louder and.....friendlier than the first goal. When the game ended the bartender put on Tom Jones singing Delilah at max volume and everybody joined in singing "why, why, why Delilah". Even the people outside having a smoke were joining in. It was a blast! I can't wait for Wales vs England next - gotta brush up on my Tom Jones lyrics though!

Our last outing of our stay in North Wales was to Betws-y-coed, a Snowdonia park resort town set in the mountains of Wales. These are mini mountains by our standards but they are similar to our west coast mountains, rocky with evergreen trees. Betws-y-Coed is a jumping off point for hikers and campers heading into the Snowdonia National Park so it was a bit busy with tourists as well as those planning a hiking adventure. Sadly it was raining pretty hard on our arrival so our climb of Mount Snowden, the highest mountain in Wales, was a no go but we grabbed our brollies and went for a nice walk around this very pretty town. It is quite small with about three blocks of retail which consists almost exclusively of cafes and outdoor gear stores - hiking, biking and river running. There are two rivers that converge in the town so it was a lovely wander, despite the rain.

In short order we had "done" town so we headed off on a river trail which leads to Swallow Falls. The trail was beautiful for about 45 minutes as we walked through a bit of forest on a lovely boardwalk which then opened up to a field of, you guessed it, sheep! Man they do sheep well in this country - they are everywhere.....and we do mean everywhere! Along the river again someone had gone to a lot of trouble placing large stones as the path, which was great as the the rain was beginning to accumulate in puddles beside the trail. Then we started to climb steeply, the trail narrowed substantially and we began thrashing our way into thick brush. After 25 minutes of this we were soaked from the wet bushes. We figured we were about 30 minutes from the falls but it was tough going and quite slippery so Wayne convinced Donna to head back and have some lunch to dry out a little before our train home. So unfortunately we never saw the falls however one fellow we met said they didn't have much water so we satisfied our guilt with that!

Back in town the rain stopped as we were eating lunch so Donna got some photos taken of this cool little town. It reminded us of a mini Banff (really, really mini!) built to support the park. We were very glad that we decided to stare down the rain and get out anyway as it was a great day that turned warm and sunny!

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