John and Janet 2016 Utah travel blog

Motorcycles Only

National Motorcycle Museum

Hill Climb

Wooden Track

This is a two night stay. We are in Monticello because it is twenty minutes from the National Motorcycle Museum.

The bike is out. We head to town for breakfast.

The museum is a straight run on Route 151. Unfortunately, Route 151 is a four lane highway. We can find a better way back.

The museum is okay. It feels “cluttered.” There are a lot of motorcycles but they are jammed next to each other. I feel that someone needs to do some editing. I am sure we are both comparing this museum to the Barber Vintage Motorcycle Museum. That museum we loved!

We look forward to my backroad return trip. Unfortunately, we find a gravel road. We seem to have no choice but to return on Route 151.

We are back at the campground by noon. It is not our best day on the bike and probably not our worst. We can relax in the afternoon.

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