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Nancy hotel lolly/sweets bar

Cleaning my bike on the train trip

Lunch out of torrential storm in Metz train station

Bikes in train station Metz

Would this be the Ladies??

Onto the Moselle river route

The Moselle is a working river




Yum. Zebra steak! No we didn't eat it

Bike accommodation in hotel foyer!!


After visiting tourist office and then a bike shop no maps could be obtained showing a bike route from Nancy to Metz, despite us being let to believe previously, that this was possible. The bike shop convinced us it was basically a mountain bike trail and we would spend a lot of time pushing our heavy bikes through mud, or we would have to take a very busy main road there. As it was raining a lot we decided neither option was ok and so we jumped on a train to Metz and rode from there, rather than staying in Metz as planned.

Seemed to spend a lot of our day sheltering from heavy rain. Despite leaving hotel at 9 am we only got to accommodation around 5pm... And we'd only ridden 34km!!! We liked Nancy but didn't get a good look at Metz. Thionville was interesting but seemed quite poor. France EU Cup football on TV and the town went mad with excitement of a win.


Nancy to Metz via train then cycle along the Moselle ch Le path to Thionville


36km cycling.


Wet most of the day although nice at the end of the ride


Lovely breakfast at hotel €9

Afternoon tea

Tea In a cafe/Bar in Metz. Avoiding rain and making use of their toilets !


Picnic out of the weather in the Metz train station when we arrived.


In a nice restaurant in Thionville. Yummy cod dish with polenta and steamed veges. €16


Mercure in the centre of Thionville, right on the cycle route. €133 for the 3 of us in one room. Accommodation was al booked out because school kids had cons there to do their baccalaureate exams.


Getting to the Moselle!

Meeting a Dutch couple on the cycle trail who had chosen to ride from Nancy and confirmed there was lots of mud and very difficult. They had moved to the busy road !!


The usual..... Rain

It was also a bit tricky finding our way out of Metz to cycle route

Tourist office unwilling to book accommodation for us! ( not a big deal though )

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