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EU parliament Strasbourg

Court of human rights Strasbourg

Human rights protest posters outside court


On a canal again


Huge barge going thru a lick after the water was lowered. Just...

Bikes in train on way to Nancy

Place Stanislavsky Nancy

Barley along the way

Sheltering from rain during lunch


A day of rain. All day. Mostly light but occasionally heavy. At those times we managed to shelter under bridges and various other objects. We didn't get soaked but the temperature dropped so necessary to put another layer on. Finished cycling at Saverne and enjoyed a break at a patisserie/coffee shop whilst waiting for a train to Nancy . The weather was terrible and there were no cycle routes to Nancy. Lovely women in the tourist office

booked Nancy accommodation for us when we had given up because everything seemed booked out.


Strasbourg to Saverne along the Marne to the Rhine canal basically following Eurovelo 5






picnic breakfast in hotel room

Morning tea

In a cafe in Strasbourg opposite Human Rights court waiting for weather to improve


Picnic under large archway into a farm sheltered from heavy rain


In a cheese restaurant in Nancy. I had on of my favourite dishes - Tartiflette ( tasting dishes done in 3 different ways, with a salad and a glass of cider) €21


Hotel Nancy Stanislas. €130 for a family room which gave us 3 bedrooms in one. Great deal and really nice place with all the staff helpful and friendly.


How helpful everyone was to us

Despite the weather we enjoyed the ride


The weather !

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