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Ravenshoe Hotel, Queensland's Highest Pub

Main street in Ravenshoe on a wet, Sunday afternoon!

Blitz truck at caravan park

Ravenshoe Railway Station

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12/6/2016 Sunday

Geese and ducks chattering among themselves, and a small plane flying low over our vans, were our wake-up call this morning. We were on the road at 8.30 and stopped at Georgetown for a cheap fuel fill-up, then on some of the worst road in Queensland to Mt. Surprise. You wouldn't believe it, but Don & Pam got another stone chip in their windscreen - that's 3 this trip, and all up north here!

We stopped for morning tea at Mt. Surprise, and continued on to Ravenshoe arriving in time for a late lunch after checking into what used to be a free camp beside the Ravenshoe Railway museum. It's now called the Ravenshoe Railway Caravan Park and costs $15p-$10u/p sites. The fine, misty rain began - the locals call it a 'low cloud'. We walked up the main street, with very little open other than the 2 pubs and 2 IGA Supermarkets. It is Sunday after all. The Ravenshoe Hotel is Queensland's Highest Pub - the town is 2969 feet above sea level. (904.951 metres). We actually had jackets and umbrellas - first time this trip. It's hard to believe that this time yesterday we were all complaining of the heat!! We wandered around the park here and saw old railway memorabilia before heading back to our vans and settling down for the night. We decided against going to the Happy Hour put on by the managers here - chocolate date and coconut damper didn't appeal.

It's nice and cosy sitting in the van and listening to the quiet rain, with some gusty wind. I think another early night.

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