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Family gathering at Rubens


Left country music capital Nashville on Monday heading to Millport, Alabama, the town where I grew up, went to school, and where 3 of my siblings live. I also have sisters in Fayette, Al and Columbus, MS, all within 20 to 30 miles of Millport and one another. I am the only sibling that moved away. I love living in Houston but there is something about coming home and putting my feet on that Alabama soil! It's my foundation, it's where I took my first breath.

On Tuesday all but one brother congregated at Rubens fish house. It has become family tradition. We enjoyed ourselves though there was a lingering sadness from the last visit there when we had to lay to rest my sister Joyce. I had to pass through Joyce's hometown of Kennedy and all the memories of her came flooding through. She was a fierce force to be reckoned with, strong and afraid of nothing, until the end!! I dried my falling tears and moved on through!

On my final day in Millport Bob and I went to the local cafe, Phebs, and had breakfast. As I looked out the window of the cafe, everything looked the same, with the only change being me. Later Darrell, Jeanie and Larry came over for steaks. Darrell and Jeanie got an emergency text that their grandson Aden had an accident on the 4 wheeler. He hit head on with a truck, was flipped through the air, over the truck landing in the gravel behind the truck. Through a miracle the only injury was a fractured thumb!! Whew!!

Enjoyed my time with family and started preparing for the final leg of our trip.

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