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Rocky beach at Karumba

Fishing in the Gulf

Seagulls enjoying leftover bait

View from cafe at Karumba

Lunch at Karumba

Thursday 9 June

A slower start today after a warmer night, and awoke to some fog which cleared quickly.

There was a bit of noise around again during the night, and some of us slept through it better than others! Music seemed to be going 90% of the night, and we are wondering if it was the juke box at The Purple Pub which is not far from us. Seeing as the rodeo is here this weekend, guess we can expect some extra activity.

It was quite possible a very big fifth wheeler that pulled in near the entrance to the park yesterday also had their own party last night. They gave no thought to their neighbours, and decided to take as much space as they wanted. They have moved out today, and maybe he might just get breath tested on the way!

We all set off around 9am and headed for Karumba. One usually has a mental picture of these places, and I certainly had the wrong one! Don has been here before with flood work, so he knew the area.

What a beautiful spot, and we girls certainly enjoyed just sitting or walking on the rocky beach while the men tried to catch our dinner. No luck there, but we just feel blessed to have had the experience of walking, paddling (didn't see any crocs), fishing and just sitting on the beach. The gulf is as blue as blue and so picture perfect and calm today. Wouldn't want to ride out a cyclone here though.

We enjoyed morning tea at the local bakery. It is so popular, and by the time we arrived, there were not many choices left for bread or yummy calories. But, we did manage!

After the fishing expedition, we all adjourned to the beach cafe for a light lunch special! The photo will prove how light the lunch was!

On our way back, we passed quite a few RFDS Rally cars heading for Karumba where they had to check in by 4pm. A few stragglers were still at the Purple Pub in Normanton, so could get one photo.

It was very sad to see two local young boys exit the hotel while I was taking the photo, and both had a carton of beer each under their arms. Not long after, Don noticed them walking through the park behind us, a popular thoroughfare for the "locals" every day.

One good point in the parade yesterday was some local men marching under the banner of the "Normanton Recovery and Community Wellbeing Service". They are in partnership with the Aboriginal Communities in Normanton, Doomadgee and Burketown, and also The Salvation Army.

A short quiet time back at the vans, and then we headed "up town" to enjoy dinner together.

There is no winter feelings here, and it seems as though the nights will just get warmer. The locals do remind us though, that it IS winter!

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