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Normanton Parade - Mens Group who mentor to the young.

Gulf of Carpentaria from mouth of Norman R., Karumba

I'm the only thing Ian caught today!!

9/6/2016 Thursday

Another noisy night in Normanton!

Today we drove to Karumba on the Gulf of Carpentaria. I thought I saw a crocodile on the bank of one of the creeks we crossed, and Trudi, following in their car, said she also saw it. Our first stop was the bakery. Oh, to get some nice, fresh, bakery bread! But first - coffee with cream bun for Ian and apple turnover for me! Yum - the best and most decadent sweet I've had since we left home. But - I must remember that we're in the Outback!!!

Fishing now! Our reason for being here! We drove to the mouth of the Norman River and it didn't take long for Ian and Don to have their rods set up and baited and ready to catch that big one. There were quite a few others fishing, but we didn't see any fish. Sadly for our boys, there were NO fish for them either. Pam was talking to a chap who said he's been coming here for years, and usually he comes down and within an hour, has caught a dozen bream - today - two! There are about 70-100 boats go out from Karumba Point and another 70-100 from the town area daily, so that's a lot of people catching a lot of fish. I don't know how long it takes for a fish to grow, but sometime they have to run out.

We had a lovely lunch at the pub there, and then headed back to Normanton, passing quite a few rally cars from the RFDS Bush Bash which were heading towards Karumba for a 4pm gathering at the pub.. Time for a short nap, shower and then get ready to go to the recommended pub for dinner, and hopefully watch the Broncos game tonight. We'll be looking for Sandie in he crowd, who's going with a friend.

It was Ian's mum's funeral/burial today, and while this was happening in Brisbane, Ian was fishing - something that his mother also loved to do. Very appropriate I thought.

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