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Same day but down the mountain in sunshine - so different 4000m...

We looked at the weather and took a chance. Off to Mont Blanc. Near vertical cable cars took us to the top - finally. A few minutes after take off we got stuck. Stopping is the bad part as the cage you are in SWAYS. After a little while the bloke says we need to go back down again to do a 'global check'. Not sure about that. After a few minutes off we go again, so good to be moving ah, bother, stopped AGAIN - the SWAYING in mid air. Thought we might need a solar system check, but no off we go again without any more stoppages. We were so high and so cold, until I put everything on. The clouds became our close friends again so it looked nothing like in the post cards but it was great getting altitude sickness for a while! Dizzy and faint. All Chirs seemed worried about was me throwing up on her shoes. No I didn't, just sat down a lot. The mountains are awesome, grand, magnificent and so different to what we are used to. We admired them in between the cloud breaks.

Back at home we had a great chat with our landlady. Moved here from England, lots of info on butter, the valley and the Resistance. All fascinating stuff and so different to our everyday life. She arranged to buy hay from a local and wanted the years supply delivered. Not possible he said as his mother would freeze. It is used as insulation in her second floor during the winter. So only a weeks supply at a time!

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