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Still some tulips in bloom late in the season.

We are lucky to see this many vibrant colours.


The sun caught the light edges of these tulips.

Can you imagine this as your front yard in the spring every...

Beach path is lined with bikes. This bike has a cool way...

Sharon on the path to the beach on the North Sea

Did everyone come by bike today?

The beach goes a long, long, way. Great for a walk or...

Sharon and Ursula bypass many locals on the beach for this holiday...

Lunch at the beach

Carolien, Ursula and I at Zaanse Schan

Sharon and Ursula in front of the working windmills

Sharon wanted to see inside but unfortunately they wed just closed for...

This group of monks were a tourist attraction of sorts as well.

Sharon, if the shoe fits. . . . .

WE could run in these, right?

Sharon masters the stilts.

'Shoerly' we can all fit in this pair. Ha, ha.

The peaceful village in Zaanse Schaan

Traditional houses

Enjoy the front yard bench

Dinner back at the house.

As usual my cousin and Carola drove us around today to some more fantastic places. Tulip fields, the beach, as well as working windmills and wooden shoe making were on the agenda today!

The tulip fields, near Lisserbroek, were still in bloom even though it is late in the season. Some of the blooms were done but still others impressed us as we drank in the colours surrounding us. The sun was out and the air a bit crisp so a light jacket was what we needed to begin the day. A very nice change for Sharon and I as we left the heat and colourless landscape of Abu Dhabi behind.

I could have easily spent more time admiring the tulip fields but we had other places to go. The beach was next on our agenda. Having been to this beach before, I knew Sharon would like it. We reach the path to the ocean and discover, to no surprise, bikes, bikes, and more bikes! It looks as though everyone arrived by bike today. They all look slightly different sporting various seats either in front, back or both to carry children, some have smaller baskets or wooden crates for carrying all sorts of goods but all have you sit up straight and most still have you pedal back to brake. Most bikes have just one speed as well. There are not a lot of hills to contend with in this country.

The beach, here at the North Sea, is a wonderful place to walk, run or just work on your sun tan as it goes farther than you can see. The water is a bit cold still as the summer sun hasn't had time to warm it yet but that isn't stopping many locals from playing in the water. We spent time on the beach allowing Luna, the dog, to run free. Lunch at the beach ends our time here before we move on to the last part of our agenda.

Zaanse Schans Windmills, a tourist attraction that I love, was sure to be a hit with Sharon and Ursula. Near Zaandijk in the Netherlands, it has a collection of well-preserved historic windmills and houses. Thirty-five houses from all over the Zaanstreek were moved to the area starting in 1961. Displays of the traditional architecture of the area (green wooden houses) and several functioning windmills and craftsman's workshops are open to visitors. We all wanted to tour the inside of one of five functional windmills but unfortunately they just closed for the day. Sawmills, oil mills and a paint mill allow visitors to see how windmills contributed to the manufacture of each product. I guess we spent too much time at the beach or tried to pack too much into one day.

We did manage to make it to see the wooden shoe making and the cheese shop. Spending the rest of the time we had wandering around the area was also nice just to observe the way people lived. There were a group of monks touring the area as well that in a way were a tourist attraction too. Looks as though they were from Cambodia all in orange but I couldn't be sure. To top of a great day we had a beautiful dinner back at the house.

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