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Ella Sophia

Tonight Ella had a dress rehearsal for her dance recital on Friday night. We are scheduled to leave tomorrow morning and would not be able to attend on Friday so we packed our truck and made plans to head back to our campsite tonight after the rehearsal.

Though Ella's dances were rehearsal, it was a full dress rehearsal with full makeup. Ella looked like a princess and danced like a beautiful fairy for her ballet number. Next up she jazzed it up to "Uptown Girl" and she kept up with the best of them (and better than most I might add).

Because the rehearsal ran longer than what the actual recital would be, we felt like we should head out to try to reach the campsite before it was too dark, so we reluctantly kissed our fairy princess and had to say goodbye but we were so glad to get to see her dance!!

During this trip we've departed many states but leaving West Virginia tugged at our heartstrings because it's leaving our kids and grandkids!! Bobby and Leigha made our visit great! Loved getting to spend time with Neil and Ella!

Off to our next destination as we work our way to Tennessee, Alabama and then HOME!!

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