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Enjoying the campfire

We, along with Bobby, Leigha, Neil and Ella, left their home in Bridgeport, WV and headed about an hour away to where we parked the RV in Morgantown, WV to spend the night and let Bobby and family experience our camping. When we first got to Bobby's, Neil told us that we were just in time for the cicadas! I had no idea at the time what this invasion really looked like but once we got to campsite, you would not believe what the cicada arrival looked like!! They were EVERYWHERE, thousands and thousands, alive, dead, EVERYWHERE!! Apparently this invasion occurs every 17 years and how lucky we were to witness this, NOT!!!! We were swatting them, running from them, stepping on them, cursing them, knocking them off our legs as we sat by the campfire....and they were really loud!!!

THEN, because of the Memorial Day weekend, the RV park was overloaded, so we lost water at the RV. Neil and Ella were not so sure how great camping in our fifth wheel was when we tried to shower them with water coming and going, sometimes cold and sometimes hot!!! Then it was time to sleep!! The next morning Bob and I were cracking up listening to Neil and Ella tell about trying to sleep on the pull out bed with their Dad!! It was something about armpit hair in their face, pillow and cover stealing, snoring, etc.....Hilarious!! Sooooo, in spite of the cicada battle, water loss, sleep loss, we managed to have a campfire to roast marshmallows for smores, had pizza delivered, and just spent time with our loves, so how can you top that???

The next morning we headed out to visit Bob's brother, Wally and family, and sister Sharon in Pittsburgh. So good to see them and had a great visit and day!

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