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Morning walk at high tide

Blackpool frontage

Blackpool frontage 2

Town centre

Brits at the beach

Low tide

Working on our Pom tans

Today was all about taking it easy. We woke around 7.00am and went for our customary walk along the beach - the tide was fully in and the fresh breeze created a slight swell, something we had not seen previously. After returning to the hotel we showered and got ready to head out. We walked on own in to Blackpool for breakfast and enjoyed a leisurely coffee and snack at Cafe Nero. We then ambled through the shopping mall where Ron picked up a dress shirt before we walked back to the hotel. The next stop was the laundromat to catch up on a few days washing before we returned once again to our room.

At 1.00pm we met up with Xavier and walked back into town for lunch. After a short wait we got a table at Bella Italia and enjoyed a couple of pizzas and a beer. Since the sun was still bright and the wind relatively light we decided to stroll further south along the promenade. By this time the tide was out and the locals had come out to enjoy a day at the beach, complete with shaved ice cones and donkey rides. We continued south to centre pier and walked its length, checking out the carnival rides, stalls and shops. When out of the breeze the sun was quite warm. Despite the breeze the locals were all in shorts and T-shirts and some were actually swimming, while the Europeans and Kiwis were well rugged up!

We then parted ways with Xavier, who headed further south to explore the town. We walked slowly back to the hotel where we rested weary feet. For the rest of the afternoon/evening we checked emails, sorted laundry and started writing a short article for 'Inside Change', an Australian based dance magazine (Barb and Xavier had been asked to contribute on their Blackpool experience).

After a fairly relaxing day, tomorrow we head back to the Winter Gardens to watch the amateur ballroom and latin formation competitions.

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