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We left San Ramon around 1230 after we left the dental office where we had our semi-annual exam and cleaning. The sun was bright and the traffic was moderate from San Ramon until we turned onto Interstate 505 in Vacaville. From Vacaville all the way to Red Bluff traffic was light and moving at or above the speed limit.

The roads in California are pretty bad in general but the portions of I-680, I-80, I-505, and I-5 are not real bad and there are a few sections the were pretty good.

We arrived at the Durango RV Resort in Red Bluff around 1500 and we were greeted with a very pleasant surprise at the check-in desk. Our daughter Rosalie had made the reservations online for us and for herself a week or so before we left. She was told she got the only two sites remaining. These two sites were adjacent to each other but they were back-ins and were not in the most desirable section of the resort. The reservations Rosalie had made where for both Marge and I and Rosalie and Frank to arrive on Friday but because Friday was basically the beginning of the Memorial Day Holiday Marge and I decided to travel on Thursday to beat the traffic we thought we might encounter on Friday. I called the resort and asked if Marge and I could arrive a day early and they said we could and we also asked if we could stay there until June 2 which was also approved. Before I hung up the phone I asked the person I was talking too that if by some miracle a buddy site became available would they please consider putting us into that site. Well to our delight that is exactly what happened and we were assigned a buddy site that positions each RV side by side in different direction so that the passenger side of each RV is facing each other.

Rosalie and Frank arrived around 1300 on Friday and they reported that traffic was light the entire trip. This is Rosalie and Frank's first trip in their brand new twenty-six foot trailer which they picked up from the dealer the previous Saturday.

Our grandson, Morgan, drove up to the resort Sunday and stayed here until after dinner when got back into his car returned home in Walnut Creek because he had to work on Monday.

Yesterday morning Rosalie and Frank packed up and left for home in Walnut Creek around 0930 thinking they would encounter some very heavy traffic. It turns out that traffic was very light and they were home shortly after noon time.

You may ask yourself why the devil are we parking ourselves here in Red Bluff until June third. The short answer is because of the California Department of Motor Vehicles and the fact that the registration on my pickup expires on July 31. I got the renewal notice about two weeks ago and the day after I got the notice I went to our local California AAA office to pay the registration fee and to get my renewal sticker. Well the woman at the AAA said she could not complete the registration because the DMV will not allow anyone to renew their registration earlier that 60 days before their registration renewal date which in my case is July 31. I could wait until June 2 and complete the transaction online but if I do that means I will not get my renewal sticker until I return home in October because the DMV mails the stickers that are completed online. It would not be a significant issue if we were staying in the US for the entire trip but we do plan on entering Canada at least once and possibly twice. So here we sit in Red Bluff until June second which is 60 days before July 31. I just love the DMV.


The weather here in Red Bluff is bright sun, no clouds, and very high temperatures. Today the temperature is expected to reach 105 and by Friday the temperature is expected to hit 107. So you may ask what are we doing, well we are reading, and sitting in the motorhome with the two A/C units running full blast.

That is all for now.

Ross & Marge

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