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Arrive at the airport around 6:30 then go through immigration control - which was easy as we were only transit passengers. Then into security which was a bit tougher but it went quickly. We were all searched and patted down but got through without being arrested.

We went to look for a bite but very limited restaurants available. We stopped in a place and got some toast - order two cokes but they only had one available. Not the best breakfast.

Then off and at 8:30 still no gate announced for our flight so we crashed in some empty seats. We finally found out the gate so wandered around a bit as we had to wait a couple hours.

We stopped at a noodle place and had an early lunch - I had noodle soup with a chicken leg and Alice had something like it. Kitty had rice and beef. I tried to do my class work (exam make ups) but the internet was so slow I could only get one done.

Then on to a bus and off to the plane. Goodbye Asia for a while.

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