John and Janet 2016 Utah travel blog

13 North

13 North


Fortification Rock


Fortification Rock


And Baby

Unhappy Killdear

Historic Marker

Straight Roads

How About This Way?


Overland Trail

Overland Trail

Barren Hills

Better Today

Continental Divide - First Today

Continental Divide - Second Today

At Campground

At Campground

It is a good travel day. The weather is beautiful. It is only two hours to our next stop.

We head into town. We turn north on Route 13. There is a wool fabrication plant nearby but it does not seem to be set up for visitors. I take a picture of a llama.

We see an unusual rock formation and an historical marker sign. We stop. It is called Fortification Rock.

As I am getting a picture, John is pointing to a family of Killdear by the side of the road. They are making a lot of noise.

It is a good thing that John is not reading the sign. It tells of many rattlesnakes are in the area!

We see another historical marker and stop. It is that kind of a day. This sign tells of the Overland Trail. Neat!

Since we are in Wyoming, we are now on antelope detail. They are everywhere. John stops and gets a decent video.

We cross the Continental Divide twice today. Neither time requires any climbing.

The last half hour we are on I80. Sometimes it cannot be avoided. Tomorrow, we continue north.

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