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Hello everyone!! After a good night's

sleep in the Walmart parking lot, we left Eau Claire, Wisconsin and headed for our next destination, Minot, North Dakota. It would be a long day of driving, but John was up for it.

We crossed into Minnesota on I-94 and continued on into the great state of North Dakota. A first for both John and I. We can now check it off the bucket list. The beauty of both Minnesota and North Dakota is farm land. More rolling in Minnesota, and more flat in North Dakota. Both green and lush this time of year. I kept trying to imagine how all of this land must look covered deep in snow during the winter months. Hard to imagine that now.

I did see two species of birds today that I had not seen in person before in the wild. The White Pelican and a beautiful pheasant ! I knew North Dakota had a name for pheasant hunting. One was sitting along the side of the road as we passed by. He dashed off into the brush. He was beautiful. The other was the white pelican floating on one of the farm lakes we passed. I thought " Pelicans in North Dakota" , and they were white. So I goggled it!!! They migrate to North Dakota from the Gulf and California for the summer!!! They usually number up to 30,000. They looked just like the brown pelican, only pure white!!

We reached Minot after a full day of driving through the farm lands of America. Landed in a campground where the guy who checked us in was from Pratville, Alabama!!! I was wearing my Tuscaloosa Academy T-Shirt from you Anna Katelyn. He loved it. He came here 10 years ago when there was an oil boom in ND. The oil boom is over, but he never went home.

Headed out to cruise the town of Minot in the morning before driving across into Canada tomorrow. Hope they let us in!!!

I'll check in tomorrow!! Night all.

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