John and Janet 2016 Utah travel blog


Today is a travel day. We head east on I70. Yes, I said east. This does NOT mean we are headed home.

The Interstate is marked as scenic. We follow the Colorado River. I take videos for John but forget to take pictures for me. At seventy miles an hour, I just sit back and watch.

The further we travel east, the more I see those mountains ahead. The Rocky Mountains are great but they get in my way.

After an hour on the interstate, we arrive in Rifle, CO. We have breakfast at Shooter’s Grill. All the waitresses are wearing guns. Obviously, John knew about this place. The food is good and it is an enjoyable stop.

Rifle is where we turn north. I have been told that Route 13 is a good route.

In Rifle we are at 5348 feet. As we leave town we climb. The climbing is not severe but we top out at about 7400 feet.

The road is good. There is little traffic. We eventually arrive in Meeker. It seems to be in the middle of nowhere but has tourism.

In Meeker, we are back down to 6200 feet. We make a second climb. Again it is not severe and again we top out at 7400 feet. Route 13 has been a good choice!

As we near Craig, we see a detour sign. Oh, no! We both remember Columbus, IN. This cannot be happening again. The detour is minor and we arrive at our campground with no loss of time.

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