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Ship that transported settlers to Jamestown

Grinding corn at Jamestown

Yesterday we walked the streets of Williamsburg, Va where we got to experience the feel of a colonial city. Today we decided to drive to the Visitor's Center in Jamestown and Yorktown. After walking through the historical galleries inside at Jamestown, we went outside to see the ships used to bring the settlers over from England to North America to settle in Virginia. The ships they traveled on for 16 months were not much bigger than the fifth wheel we are traveling in. We got to see how the Indians, who lived there before the settlers came, lived and then how the settlers built their homes after surviving the perilous journey on the ships.

Yorktown was where the last battle of the Revolutionary War was fought lead by George Washington.

All 3 cities took all of us back in time and I felt like I was back in Jr. High reading my history book and learning how this great country came to be.

Photos to follow.

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