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April 22, 2016

Day two for the dentist today. I was only in there for 30 minutes. Cara’s friend Nicole arrived last night. She’s travelled before so I think she has an idea. Cara stayed at her hotel last night. They have a group meeting at 6.00. They leave on the 23rd. The tour lasts for two weeks and does not return to Delhi. Cara will have to find her own way back.

Hot again today.

Nicole is going to get a tattoo. Cara still has to pack her gear. She bought a smaller suit case. She’ll leave most of her gear here with me. If I have any problems and have to stay at the hospital for any length of time Manish or the hotel walla will keep her gear. I have done when doing a two or three week circuit knowing full well I will end up a same place.

Subash’s pharmacy has fucked it twice - there is no excuse.

I am too drunk to write, this is not good.

I am so fucked up. Its good thing I am in my colony, nothing will happen but….

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