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April 21, 2016

I was sick yesterday. I got a light case of the giardia. I don’t get it very often. My farts are smelling up the room something fierce. I held Cara under the covers. She’s pretty strong.

I have called Mark several times and he hasn’t picked up. He’s either mad at me or Speedy Cash.

I went to another dentist today. It was much more a professional firm. The costs were cheap. I paid about CAN $ 90.00 for a root canal. (love :). Dental in Karol Bagh. It’s a chain. They have about 80 units in Delhi. They have plans for another 300 by the end of next year. There is an investor from the U.K. The current is a Sikh from Delhi. I have to go for three of four more visits. Their office is next Subash’s Pharmacy. Its three Chai points of Saraswati Marg on the right.

It so fucking hot but it is cooling off a little. It’s probably 37-39. The other day the internet reported Delhi to be 33. Delhi has not seen a high this low in two months. It was 44 the other day.

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