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April 16, 2016

Just saved a guy’s life! We were in the room and heard a huge commotion outside the door. Normally I just think, “Fuck it, just some drunk Indian fighting with the in-laws”. After about a minute of this I through on my shorts and went out for a look see. There were all the hotel wallas and another five to seven other dudes over this guy who frothing at mouth and gasping for air. He was out. I have 100’s of seizures. It wasn’t that. All they were doing were doing was rubbing the dudes feet!! Thinking the guy was choking I started CPR. Within five seconds I realised he was breathing so I checked his heart rate. I saw his carotid artery was still full thus he must have been getting blood to his brain. This is a fuck of a lot harder to do when everyone else is freaking out. I stopped doing this because the guy was gurgling so I flipped him on his side so he would not swallow the frothy shit coming out of his mouth. I looked over at the dresser to see it there were drugs or alcohol. I didn’t see any. It had to be another problem. After he was done spitting up his shit I rolled him back over. I managed to prop him up with a couple off pillows while screaming at anyone to get me a wet towel. Now all I can think is heat exhaustion. I pulled up his shirt and wet his chest and belly while blowing on his wet chest. He was still out of it but his eyes were open. Now I realize the fucking ventilator [fan] is not on!! I am screaming. I used the twel to soak his head and brow. I stayed with him for a couple minutes, got up and turned so he could see me and broke down. It was one of the more intense seven minutes of my life. I pulled myself together, turned to him and held his hand asking him [calmly] what his name was, where he was from and his age. I hold him my name, age and where I was from. I wanted him to relax. I can’t imagine his thoughts when he saw a half-naked Gorha with SO MUCH INK kneeling next to him.

Cara too, was wondering what the fuck. She didn’t show up until I had the guy bent over the bed. She retreated to the room.

His was a lawyer from Kolkota as were his five friends. They all spoke good English. It’s corporate yearend. We all laughed as I told them about the corporate tax system in Canada. All Indians see passed the ink and everything regardless of the person. This is why I love my home land.

I left the room once I knew he would be fine.

I shook for 30 minutes afterwards. I saw him in his room the next day and he looked like a completely differently different man.

I doubt I sawed the guys life but I made a difference and that is all that matters.

His friends showed up at the room and they were calling me a Bhagwan. This is not right and I told them so. It is my duty.

Afterwards I found out that he had some sort of medical condition and heat exhaustion. At least that’s what I got out of his compatriots.

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