Rose and Don Europe 2016 travel blog

our boys (waiters Istvan, Nikola and Gabor from the special dinner)

la Cathedrale Saint-Maurice in Vienne


lots of heads seem to be missing in the cathedral


une autre castle on the hill

our ship docked in Vienne

they fold over all the railings...and the wheelhouse submerges for going under...



through the locks

tool shed in the vineyards on the hill

LOVE our butler Istvan

Je m'applelle Don! J'ecrive pour nous encore aujourd'hui.....(to hell with syntax!)

The Bike ride went very well, they are electric "assist" which means that you do have to pedal but on a long haul or a steep hill the motor kicks in and "helps" to propel you. It takes a bit of getting used to as you can find yourself suddenly surging ahead, but with just a little experience it becomes quite easy. I only actually used this feature during the run around trial period before the ride just to try it out. The bike ride tour itself was quite easy. Rose took a couple of photos to give you an idea.

Later that day we went to "downtown" Lyon as I needed a dress shirt, which I had forgotten. It is a very busy area where a street type of mall with all the various department stores etc. facing what was once a vehicle thoroughfare. I managed to dredge up enough high school French to sort out what I needed with the sales lady. She at first claimed "no Anglaise" but very quickly found a few words when I made my feeble attempts at communicating, you know, at the "la plume de ma tante" level. Ha!

That night was a "special" 6 course dinner with attendant wines the only one of which I can remember is Chateauneuf du Pape which is pretty hard to forget. The ship hired a local "rock" band which had pretty much everybody on the dance floor......with or without canes!

We finally left Lyon at about 4:30 am., while it was still dark out and proceeded at a right smart pace downstream flying under bridges and a lock until we docked at the small town of Vienne. this brings us ever closer to Chateauneuf du Pape territory.


We wandered into town which was across a footbridge and had a look around. Rose took a couple of photos. It was nice to finally get underway and get a look at how this BIG river works. We later untied and proceeded downstream through another lock (very interesting) on our way to Tournon but have currently stopped in the middle of nowhere to temporarily raft up to another boat. Could be something to do with the labour unrest that France is currently undergoing. Captain Cyril schmoozed us through the last lock (the first one of our journey) which had been "closed" so maybe there is some more schmoozing to be done.

In all we traverse 12 locks on our journey from Lyon to Tarascon, a small town about 25km south of Avignon, they range from a height of 7 meters to 22 meters.

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