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Air China

Up at 7:30 and get the car packed. David McGee is dropped off by Wanda and we pack his stuff, then he remembers he forgot some things so we had to drop by his house anyway. We headed out and had a breakfast (of sorts) at Hardee’s then drove to the Comfort Inn near the airport, parked the car, then immediately got into the hotel shuttle and got to the airport in plenty of time!

We checked in our bags and sad goodbye to David as his flight was much later. Off to the gate and sat around a while, then ate lunch at a fancy airport restaurant where the server though I was a woman at first. Nice meal but restaurant prices.

Got on the plane with no issues, but it was a bit crowded. The flight left at 4:35 right on schedule.

We flew the Grand Northern route over the Arctic – but didn’t see anything as there was cloud cover the entire trip.

And the trip was quite long. We got to Beijing at 6:15 PM the next day – but since the time difference is twelve hours the flight actually took about 14 hours. We were all pretty cramped up by the end of the trip. For dinner we had chicken and rice – then for breakfast the same thing. The service wasn’t great.

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